Effective shampoos for treating thinning hair

Thin­ning hair hap­pens to men and women alike. The rec­om­mended treat­ment for men and women is the same – reg­u­lar appli­ca­tion of an effec­tive hair loss treat­ment and reg­u­lar use of a hair loss sham­poo. Women often think of hair loss sham­poos as a solu­tion for men only. Or they have heard that women can suf­fer adverse side effects if they use hair loss sham­poos. Nei­ther of these con­cerns is true, how­ever, and to explain why, we need to under­stand what causes hair loss, and why the rea­sons for men and women are dif­fer­ent, but the same! Keep read­ing to under­stand why, and how to effec­tively com­bat hair loss and thin­ning hair with an appro­pri­ate shampoo.

The main rea­son for thin­ning hair in men is fairly well known: An excess in pro­duc­tion of testos­terone reduces the strength of the hair fol­li­cle in the scalp, and its abil­ity to pro­duce strong healthy hair is compromised.

Women, on the other hand, ben­e­fit from the nat­ural pro­duc­tion of estro­gen which pro­tects the hair and encour­ages healthy growth. As men­tioned ear­lier, this is in con­trast to men, where estro­gen lev­els are much lower than in females. Thin­ning hair in females, which is not due to trac­tion alope­cia, has the same rea­son as in men: Ele­vated testos­terone lev­els. After the female menopause, testos­terone lev­els rise, which affects the hair fol­li­cle and causes hair thin­ning. This is why male and female hair thin­ning is dif­fer­ent, but the same!

Under­stand­ing this is the key to find­ing a solu­tion to hair thin­ning and hair loss in both men and women. While men will hap­pily select from a range of effec­tive hair loss sham­poos, women are often stopped for fear of unde­sir­able side effects of hair loss sham­poos. That fear is based on myths and urban leg­ends. Let’s dis­pel some of these myths before we look at some effec­tive hair loss shampoos.

  • Women will NOT grow facial hair using hair loss shampoos
  • Hair loss sham­poo is NOT made for men only
  • Women will not suf­fer side effects

These myths serve only to pre­vent women from enjoy­ing the same type of suc­cess that men have in their cru­sade against thin­ning hair and hair loss. Men and women suf­fer from thin­ning hair due to a testos­terone imbal­ance which can be addressed using one of many avail­able, effec­tive hair loss sham­poos. These sham­poos counter the neg­a­tive effects of testos­terone and encour­age healthy hair growth thanks to their nat­ural herbal and plant ingre­di­ents and time– tested formulas.

Plan­tur 39 Caf­feine Sham­poo is a plant-based sham­poo that con­tains a nat­ural source of caf­feine to coun­ter­act the slug­gish effect testos­terone has on hair fol­li­cles by increas­ing hair root activ­ity. This sham­poo is designed for post-menopausal women who expe­ri­ence thin­ning hair as a result of hor­monal changes. It is, how­ever, suit­able for other types of hair loss as well.

For a gen­eral hair loss sham­poo for­mu­lated to tackle gen­eral hair thin­ning and hair loss, LA Sci­ence Fol­li­cle Stim­u­lat­ing Sham­poo is pop­u­lar with both men and women. This sham­poo has been clin­i­cally tested for hair loss and its effec­tive­ness is based on stim­u­lat­ing hair fol­li­cles dur­ing the growth phase. The blend of dif­fer­ent oligopep­tides in this effec­tive hair loss treat­ment makes it one of the more pop­u­lar hair loss shampoos.

Finally, Tri­comin sham­poo, com­ple­mented by the other prod­ucts in the Tri­comin range, includ­ing Tri­comin Solu­tion Fol­li­cle Ther­apy spray, is an effec­tive and gen­tle treat­ment that works well with thin­ning hair and hair loss to pro­mote a fuller, health­ier head of hair.

In sum­mary, there are many effec­tive hair loss sham­poos that are for­mu­lated to be equally ben­e­fi­cial for men and women. Women should cer­tainly not hes­i­tate to use these prod­ucts as they will help main­tain healthy hair where thin­ning would most cer­tainly have oth­er­wise con­tin­ued unabated.

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Can Tricomin Stop Hair Loss and Thicken Thinning Hair?

Hair loss is a con­cern that affects both men and women, although for dif­fer­ent bio­log­i­cal rea­sons. How­ever, there is one prod­uct that is suit­able for both men and women. It seeks to improve hair struc­ture by strength­en­ing the hair roots and pro­tect­ing the con­di­tion of the hair. Tri­comin is a hair loss prod­uct avail­able as a fol­li­cle spray, sham­poo or restruc­tur­ing con­di­tioner that main­tains hair con­di­tion­ing and improves hair struc­ture thanks to its Tri­amino cop­per nutri­tional com­plex formulation.

Before you rush out and buy Tri­comin prod­ucts, you might be inter­ested to know the tech­nol­ogy behind Tri­comin hair loss treat­ment and the var­i­ous Tri­comin prod­ucts that are avail­able today.

First of all, we must under­stand the impor­tant part that cop­per plays in healthy hair. The level of cop­per found in hair can dic­tate the level of hair loss. Too lit­tle cop­per and the health of the hair can suf­fer lead­ing to hair loss, but too much cop­per can also have a detri­men­tal effect on hair, lead­ing to pre­ma­ture hair loss. The impor­tance of main­tain­ing a healthy level of cop­per in adult hair is there­fore vital in the fight against hair loss.

So what is a healthy level of cop­per, and how is it pos­si­ble to main­tain this level over a pro­longed period of time? Tests have shown that 2.5 mil­ligrams of cop­per +/- 0.7 mil­ligrams is the ideal level. Here are some tips for main­tain­ing this healthy level of cop­per and reduc­ing the risk of hair loss due to cop­per imbalance.

  • Avoid drink­ing hard water
  • Reduce meat intake
  • Check the cop­per con­tent of med­ica­tions, in par­tic­u­lar birth con­trol pills

This is where Tri­comin hair prod­ucts can help with the bat­tle against hair loss. Tri­comin is the result of exten­sive research and test­ing into how cop­per and amino acids relate to hair loss. Stud­ies have shown that cop­per lev­els decrease as you age, which, coin­ci­den­tally, is when most peo­ple start to notice hair loss. Tri­comin helps restore the cop­per bal­ance and pro­motes healthy hair.

Tri­comin achieves this is by pro­vid­ing essen­tial cop­per to the hair fol­li­cle, which encour­ages the col­la­gen and pro­teins nec­es­sary for hair growth to feed the hair fol­li­cle at the time it needs it most – the growth phase. By pro­vid­ing these essen­tial nutri­ents directly where they are needed, at the hair fol­li­cle, growth is encour­aged and hair loss is reduced.

The most pop­u­lar prod­uct in the Tri­comin line is the Tri­comin Solu­tion Fol­li­cle Ther­apy Spray. The spray works by deliv­er­ing the cop­per com­plex for­mu­la­tion directly onto the scalp and around the hair fol­li­cles. The for­mu­la­tion includes a con­di­tioner that reduces wash off, thus allow­ing the for­mu­la­tion to stay on long enough for max­i­mum improvement.

Many Tri­comin users choose to buy Tri­comin sham­poo and wash their hair prior to the appli­ca­tion of the Tri­comin fol­li­cle spray. In doing so, the scalp ben­e­fits from the essen­tial amino acids and min­er­als con­tained in the sham­poo, which are ben­e­fi­cial par­tic­u­larly with thin­ning or fine hair. The Tri­comin fol­li­cle spray can be sprayed on to wet hair imme­di­ately after sham­poo­ing, or it can be applied to dry hair.

Users report an improve­ment in their hair after only a few weeks of treat­ment with Tri­comin prod­ucts. So don’t delay, take pos­i­tive steps towards deal­ing with hair loss with Tri­amino cop­per nutri­tional com­plex formulation.

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Using Caffeine shampoos to treat hair loss

A rel­a­tively new hair loss treat­ment is gain­ing in pop­u­lar­ity as stud­ies con­firm its Plantur 39 Caffeine Shampoo for coloured hairben­e­fits as a hair loss treat­ment. Caf­feine is usu­ally asso­ci­ated with cof­fee drinks which are derived from cof­fee bean extracts. How­ever, Caf­feine sham­poo is becom­ing more widely avail­able as it has been proven to be an effec­tive ingre­di­ent in hair loss prod­ucts, such as Plan­tur 39 caf­feine sham­poo and Alpecin dou­ble effect sham­poo.

Caf­feine acts nat­u­rally as a pes­ti­cide in the leaves and fruits of cer­tain plants, where it can cause paral­y­sis in cer­tain species of insect who may be attracted to the plant as a source of food. For humans, how­ever, it is safe to use in var­i­ous food­stuffs and drinks after being extracted from cof­fee plant beans and leaves of the tea bush.

Hair loss treat­ments have his­tor­i­cally been like search­ing for the Holy Grail for the many men suf­fer­ing from hair loss. One half of all men have hair loss to some degree and many feel the need to find a solu­tion to either reduce the hair loss, or make a recov­ery to fuller growth.

By far the most com­mon rea­son for hair loss in men is andro­ge­netic alope­cia, in other words – hered­i­tary male pat­tern hair loss. Passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion, such hair loss is always dif­fi­cult to cure and remains one of the main cos­metic issues faced by men today.

Hair roots gen­er­ally grow in an 8-year cycle, pro­duc­ing new hair dur­ing a growth phase that is repeated around a dozen times before the root dies. How­ever, a hered­i­tary excess of testos­terone weak­ens the hair roots in the scalp, caus­ing hair loss due to pre­ma­ture end of the hair root. Testos­terone achieves this by pre­vent­ing the nat­ural sup­ply of an energy com­pound to the hair root which is required to main­tain the growth phase of the hair root.

A caf­feine sham­poo coun­ter­acts the reduc­tion of the nat­ural energy com­pound at the hair root by pro­vid­ing active ingre­di­ent at the root, thus pro­mot­ing an extended growth phase. Alpecin dou­ble effect sham­poo is one such caf­feine sham­poo which, when applied daily, has been shown to remain on the scalp even Alpecin Shampoo for hair loss after a short appli­ca­tion period. This pro­motes the absorp­tion of caf­feine into the scalp and the hair fol­li­cle is pro­vided with the energy needed to con­tinue pro­duc­ing hair. As a result, pre­ma­ture hair loss is pre­vented, hair root activ­ity is increased and the speed of hair growth is improved. These ben­e­fits also apply to peo­ple who suf­fer from trac­tion alope­cia, mak­ing Alpecin dou­ble effect sham­poo a suit­able sham­poo for peo­ple with trac­tion alope­cia or thin­ning hair.

An inde­pen­dent Ger­man study has suc­cess­fully shown that the caf­feine com­po­nent of the Alpecin sham­poo is capa­ble of coun­ter­ing the neg­a­tive effects of testos­terone on the male hair fol­li­cle that would nor­mally lead to male pat­tern bald­ness. The study con­cluded that using a caf­feine sham­poo resulted in an aver­age hair growth increase of over 45% and the life of the hair was increased by over one third.

Plan­tur 39 caf­feine sham­poo is also pro­moted as a hair loss rem­edy for women. As estro­gen per­forms a nat­ural pro­tec­tion for women’s hair fol­li­cles early in their life, it is only after the menopause that an increase in testos­terone can lead to hair loss for women. Daily treat­ment with Plan­tur 39 caf­feine sham­poo can counter act this dam­ag­ing increase is testos­terone and pro­mote a longer more pro­duc­tive growth cycle for the hair follicle.

For men and women alike, caf­feine sham­poo is help­ing improve the con­di­tion of the scalp and encour­age a health­ier head of hair, thanks to daily treat­ments of caffeine.

Caf­feine sham­poos are only one part of our 10-Step Pre­scrip­tion for Re-Growing Healthy Hair. See side­bar on how to get the full pro­gram in our new e-book at no charge. Rest assured that your infor­ma­tion will not be shared with anyone.

John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo Review

John Mas­ters sham­poo is a herbal sham­poo con­tain­ing a blend of 15 dif­fer­ent plant extracts designed to nour­ish and strengthen the hair. It is designed to be gen­tle on the hair and does not con­tain the strong deter­gent com­mon in most com­mer­cially avail­able sham­poo (sodium lau­reth sul­phate, etc.).

Active ingre­di­ents in the sham­poo and their effects

John Mas­ters sham­poo is made of coconut soap, which acts as a gen­tle and nat­ural deter­gent. The plant extracts it con­tains include peri­win­kle, sage, chamomile, bur­dock root and wil­low bark. It also, as the name sug­gests, con­tains laven­der and rosemary.

These nat­ural active ingre­di­ents are meant to have a cleans­ing, bal­anc­ing and stim­u­lat­ing effect on the scalp, with­out strip­ping it of its nat­ural oils.

Although not specif­i­cally for­mu­lated for the pre­ven­tion of hair loss, the John Mas­ters sham­poo is said to slow down the effects of hair loss by stim­u­lat­ing the scalp and bal­anc­ing the hor­monal effects on the fol­li­cles. Rose­mary has tra­di­tion­ally been used as a cir­cu­la­tion booster for centuries.

John Mas­ters sham­poo for treat­ment of trac­tion alope­cia and thin­ning hair

The herbs and plant extracts in the John Mas­ters sham­poo have a dou­ble effect of stim­u­lat­ing and bal­anc­ing the scalp. As such, this sham­poo can be poten­tially ben­e­fi­cial as a hair loss treat­ment for trac­tion alope­cia. Most hair prod­ucts deemed to be effec­tive for treat­ment of this par­tic­u­lar type of hair loss work by stim­u­lat­ing the fol­li­cles to pro­duce new hairs by increas­ing cir­cu­la­tion in the scalp and pro­vid­ing nour­ish­ing com­pounds to heal the trau­ma­tised fol­li­cles and induce them to reen­ter their hair pro­duc­ing stage.

Rose­mary and laven­der are com­mon ingre­di­ents in many of the nat­ural hair loss treat­ments that are seen to be effec­tive cir­cu­la­tion aids. It has the added ben­e­fit of not con­tain­ing any of the usual chem­i­cals con­tained in sham­poo that are said to poten­tially dry the scalp and be too harsh on the hair. This sham­poo also con­tains volu­miz­ing ingre­di­ents, which help make the hair appear thicker, use­ful when try­ing to dimin­ish the appear­ance of thin­ning hair. This sham­poo is gen­tle enough to be used daily if desired and can be com­bined with other nat­ural hair growth prod­ucts like Bhringaraj oil.

The ver­dict

John Mas­ters sham­poo con­tains some of the com­mon ingre­di­ents found in spe­cialised nat­ural hair loss treat­ments such as rose­mary and laven­der. As such it could be ben­e­fi­cial for stim­u­lat­ing the scalp to pro­duce more hair.

How­ever, it is impor­tant to note that this is not a sham­poo for­mu­lated specif­i­cally to com­bat hair loss, but is designed for over­all nour­ish­ment and main­te­nance of the hair. There are other herbal prod­ucts on the mar­ket that con­tain some of the active ingre­di­ents in the John Mas­ters sham­poo that are for­mu­lated specif­i­cally to deal with hair loss and can be bet­ter suited for treat­ment of trac­tion alope­cia or thin­ning hair.

Its gen­tle sls free for­mula makes it suit­able for daily use which can go a long way to strength­en­ing weak hair roots, mak­ing them more resilient to styling stresses and strains. It is both effec­tive as a pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sure and for use after thin or lost hair has been restored.

Buy John Mas­ters Organ­ics Laven­der Rose­mary sham­poo here

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LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo Review

LA Sci­ence (the LA stands for Lifestyle Aes­thet­ics, not Los Ange­les, in case La Science Follicle Stimulating Shampooyou were won­der­ing) is a com­pany spe­cial­is­ing in med­ical aes­thet­ics, cre­at­ing prod­ucts to treat med­ical con­di­tions that affect people’s appearance.

This sham­poo is their flag­ship prod­uct aimed at both men and women, and is designed for the treat­ment of var­i­ous types of hair loss con­di­tions includ­ing male and female pat­tern bald­ness, thin­ning hair and other forms of hair loss like trac­tion alope­cia. It con­tains a blend of ingre­di­ents that have been clin­i­cally proven to help pro­tect against hair loss and stim­u­late the hair fol­li­cles to pro­duce new hairs.

LA Sci­ence Fol­li­cle Stim­u­lat­ing Sam­poo uses a “nano deliv­ery sys­tem”, a patented nano-liposphere tech­nol­ogy that helps the active ingre­di­ents bet­ter pen­e­trate the scalp. This sham­poo works by tar­get­ing the hair fol­li­cles them­selves and aims to stim­u­late them to pro­duce new hairs and help heal and pro­tect them.

It does not tar­get hor­monal imbal­ances but only the hair loss that occurs as a result of such hor­monal imbal­ance. This makes this sham­poo suit­able for use for suf­fer­ers of non-genetic or hor­monal types of hair loss, such as, for exam­ple, trac­tion alope­cia and thin­ning hair. Using a prod­uct that works on the fol­li­cles can be an effec­tive way of regrow­ing lost hair while pro­tect­ing exist­ing hair, which ulti­mately results in thicker hair.

Active ingre­di­ents in the LA Sci­ence  Fol­li­cle Stim­u­lat­ing hair loss sham­poo and their effects

The sham­poo utilises a cop­per tripep­tide com­plex, which is avail­able in a few other hair loss sham­poos and is said to increase cir­cu­la­tion to the hair fol­li­cles and enlarge them, encour­ag­ing thicker hair to grow.

It also con­tains Oligopeptide-16 which also aids cir­cu­la­tion, as well as stim­u­lat­ing the hair fol­li­cles stem cells and for­ti­fies the fol­li­cles by increas­ing their energy on a cel­lu­lar level. Oligopeptide-5 is used to strengthen the hair shafts them­selves, while also stim­u­lat­ing the hair fol­li­cles, while Oligopeptide-18 tar­gets grey hairs (as this sham­poo is partly aimed at post-menopausal women suf­fer­ing from female pat­tern bald­ness), pro­motes cir­cu­la­tion in the scalp and also stim­u­lates the hair fol­li­cles. Other ingre­di­ents such as biotin and ker­atin are included to make the hair strong and man­age­able. Silk extract is included as a con­di­tion­ing agent.

How to use the LA Sci­ence Fol­li­cle Stim­u­lat­ing Shampoo

Work into wet hair and mas­sage into the scalp. Start with the roots of the hair, spread­ing out­wards, work­ing towards the ends. Rinse thor­oughly. This is a daily use sham­poo. The man­u­fac­turer rec­om­mends this sham­poo is used as part of a wider range of prod­ucts, for best results to be achieved.

Will this hair loss prod­uct work for me?

The active ingre­di­ents in LA Sci­ence Fol­li­cle Stim­u­lat­ing sham­poo and hair thin­ning treat­ment prod­uct have been clin­i­cally proven to stim­u­late the hair fol­li­cles and pro­duce hair growth. It is designed to and is effec­tive in treat­ing both hair loss and thin­ning hair in both men and women and can safely be used before apply­ing top­i­cal hair loss and thin­ning treat­ments like Regaine or Rogaine and Eclipta alba.

What other prod­ucts are avail­able in this range?

The com­plete sys­tem also includes a hair loss serum, which is also rec­om­mended for daily use by both men and women.

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Jack Black True Volume Thickening Shampoo Review

Jack Black pro­duces groom­ing prod­ucts for men and this vol­ume thick­en­ing sham­poo is offi­cially designed for men in mind. How­ever, it is per­fectly suit­able for use on women’s hair as well. This prod­uct uses nat­ural ingre­di­ents to thicken the appear­ance of the hair while stim­u­lat­ing the hair follicles.

It also has an anti dan­druff effect, keep­ing the scalp free of flakes and dry, itchy skin. Jack Black sham­poo aims to thicken the actual hair shafts, as well as stim­u­late the fol­li­cles to pro­duce new hairs, thus thick­en­ing the appear­ance of the hair as a whole. It is a dual effect sham­poo designed to treat both hair loss and dan­druff in one.

The active ingre­di­ents and their effects

This sham­poo con­tains a num­ber of key active ingre­di­ents, all derived from plants.

White lupine extract is the main ingre­di­ent used to treat hair loss in this prod­uct. This is a plant extract that has been clin­i­cally proven to stim­u­late the hair fol­li­cles and to bal­ance the hor­mones that can lead to hair loss in men (and women). It can be found in a few other hair loss prod­ucts and some stud­ies have shown it to be effec­tive in slow­ing down and revers­ing the effects of hair loss.

Basil, tea tree oil — these ingre­di­ents are used to treat dry, flaky skin and while not directly rel­e­vant to the pre­ven­tion of hair loss, are help­ful in that they pro­tect the hair fol­li­cles from exces­sive sebum, main­tained by some experts to be partly respon­si­ble for fol­lic­u­lar trauma and the slow­ing down of the hair growth process.

Nour­ish­ing agents such as soy pro­tein, kelp, sun­flower seed extract and cre­a­tine main­tain the healthy look and feel of the hair and pro­tect it from envi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tants, also believed by some to be some­what respon­si­ble for hair loss and scalp imbalances.

Detox­i­fy­ing agents such as net­tle also add a healthy shine to the hair, main­tain­ing its healthy appearance.

The active ingre­di­ents are inte­grated through the use of what the man­u­fac­turer refers to as “nano tech­nol­ogy” which is said to help them get bet­ter absorbed into the skin of the scalp. When mas­saged into the hair and scalp, the active ingre­di­ents set to work within min­utes and the effects last for 24 hours.

How to use Jack Black True Vol­ume shampoo

This is a daily use sham­poo. Mas­sage a small amount into damp hair and scalp and rinse well. Repeat if nec­es­sary (if hair needs extra clean­ing). This prod­uct is rec­om­mended for use as part of a two part sys­tem, for best results. Con­tin­u­ous daily use is needed for vis­i­ble results, as the effects of the active ingre­di­ents dimin­ish with time.

Will Jack Black True Vol­ume sham­poo work for me?

This sham­poo uses a plant extract that has been shown in some tri­als to be effec­tive in treat­ing hair loss in men. Say­ing that, no prod­uct is ever guar­an­teed to work for every­one. For some hair loss con­di­tions such as hered­i­tary hair loss, treat­ing the cause is more dif­fi­cult, but with other hair loss causes such as hor­monal imbal­ances or con­di­tions such as trac­tion alope­cia where the hair loss is not the result of inter­nal but exter­nal con­di­tions, the cause can and should be treated along­side the symp­toms for best effects.

What other prod­ucts are avail­able in the range?

A True Vol­ume con­di­tioner is avail­able, which is also suit­able for daily use and rec­om­mended for use every time you wash your hair.

Buy Jack Black True Vol­ume Thick­en­ing Sham­poo here

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Review of Fushi Stimulator Herbal Shampoo

This is a com­pletely nat­ural sham­poo aimed at increas­ing cir­cu­la­tion to the Fushi Stimulator Herbal Shampooscalp and is suit­able for both men and women to use. The Fushi sham­poo does not con­tain the stan­dard strong deter­gents found in most com­mer­cial sham­poos and so is very gen­tle on the scalp, while the plant derived active ingre­di­ents work to pro­mote hair growth.

The sci­ence behind the Fushi stim­u­la­tor sham­poo is based on essen­tial oils. The sham­poo includes oils of laven­der, rose­mary, cypress, bay and juniper along­side gera­nium and jojoba oils to nour­ish hair and scalp. The result is a lovely scented sham­poo that leaves hair shiny and man­age­able, as well as pro­mot­ing scalp circulation.

All of the essen­tial oils used in the sham­poo have been organ­i­cally grown and are cold pressed using mechan­i­cal means. This is said to pre­serve their active qual­i­ties bet­ter than heat-based press­ing tech­niques. It’s a nat­ural prod­uct based on tra­di­tional aro­mather­apy and herbal med­i­cine tech­niques that won’t dam­age exist­ing hair.

Active ingre­di­ents and what they do

The essen­tial oils in Fushi herbal stim­u­la­tor sham­poo have dif­fer­ent func­tions to aid hair growth. Rose­mary is a cir­cu­la­tion booster and herbal stim­u­la­tor that has been tra­di­tion­ally used to treat hair loss because of its effect of increas­ing blood flow to the hair fol­li­cles. It works by stim­u­lat­ing the fol­li­cles to pro­duce hair. Bay is a stim­u­la­tor and cleanser. The other oils are designed to reg­u­late the con­di­tion of the scalp, although the man­u­fac­turer does not spec­ify whether they are specif­i­cally aimed at bal­anc­ing the hair-loss induc­ing hor­mones as well.

How to use the Fushi stim­u­la­tor shampoo

Mas­sage into hair and scalp, rinse and repeat. This sham­poo is rec­om­mended for use as part of a three part range. As the sham­poo is com­pletely nat­ural, use it within six months of open­ing. This is a daily use sham­poo.

Will the Fushi sham­poo work for me?

This sham­poo tar­gets the hair fol­li­cles by gen­tle, nat­ural means and does not tar­get hor­monal imbal­ances. It may have a gen­tle effect suit­able for milder cases of hair loss and those that are not the result of genetic or hor­monal con­di­tions such as andro­genic alopecia.

For treat­ing trac­tion alope­cia, it may be used in con­juc­tion with other hair loss treat­ments for best results and is suit­able for peo­ple want­ing to use purely nat­ural prod­ucts with­out any of the chem­i­cals often thought of as being ulti­mately harm­ful to the hair.

Fushi Herbal Stim­u­la­tor sham­poo is also said to be a great solu­tion for limp, life­less hair. Whether it works for a par­tic­u­lar per­son will depend on a com­bi­na­tion of fac­tors, includ­ing the orig­i­nal cause of hair loss. It’s always best to be prop­erly diag­nosed by a health pro­fes­sional so that you can treat the under­ly­ing causes of the hair loss con­di­tion as well.

What other prod­ucts are avail­able in this range?

The Fushi range also includes a hair stim­u­la­tor lotion and a stim­u­late & bal­ance con­di­tioner, rec­om­mended for use together for the best results.

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Review of Alpecin double effect shampoo

Alpecin Dou­ble Effect Sham­poo by Dr. Wolf is pre­dom­i­nantly aimed at men, Alpecin Shampoo for hair lossalthough women can use it, too. It’s called “dou­ble effect” because it tar­gets not only hair loss, but also dan­druff – said to make hair loss worse. As an anti-dandruff prod­uct, the Alpecin sham­poo uses sev­eral active ingre­di­ents to gen­tly remove dan­druff and has an antimi­cro­bial and anti­fun­gal effect.

The man­u­fac­turer claims that this com­bi­na­tion of active ingre­di­ents has tra­di­tion­ally only been used in phar­ma­co­log­i­cal prod­ucts and this is the first prod­uct to utilise it for an over-the-counter shampoo.

As a hair loss prod­uct, Alpecin utilises caf­feine, which is a pop­u­lar active ingre­di­ent in a num­ber treat­ment prod­ucts that tar­get thin­ning hair. It works by stim­u­lat­ing the hair roots / fol­li­cles to pro­duce new hair shafts. Caf­feine is said to “wake up” slug­gish fol­li­cles and kick them out of the dor­mant phase and into the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

Active ingre­di­ents and what they do

Sal­i­cylic acid and octopirox are used to treat dan­druff and have an active antimi­cro­bial and anti­fun­gal effect on the scalp, remov­ing exist­ing dan­druff and pre­vent­ing the for­ma­tion of new dan­druff. Caf­feine com­plex works to pro­duce the hair growth effect by increas­ing the length of the growth phase in the hair growth cycle.

How to use Alpecin Dou­ble Effect Shampoo

Mas­sage into hair and scalp, leave for two min­utes and rinse off. For best results, use every day. Alpecin Dou­ble Effect Sham­poo is a long-term hair loss and dan­druff solu­tion that requires repeated use over a long period of time to main­tain results. Dan­druff will return when treat­ment is stopped and hair loss may also return unless the under­ly­ing causes are treated.

Will Alpecin Dou­ble Effect work for me?

Alpecin tar­gets the hair fol­li­cles with­out tar­get­ing the hor­mones that may be respon­si­ble for hair loss. Caf­feine is a pop­u­lar ingre­di­ent in many hair loss prod­ucts because of its stim­u­lat­ing effect. How­ever, those who are suf­fer­ing from hair loss that is the result of hor­monal imbal­ances may wish to use this prod­uct in con­junc­tion with one that treats that aspect of hair loss as well, such as saw pal­metto. Although tests have appar­ently shown that caf­feine can negate the results of testos­terone, it is nor­mally used for its stim­u­lat­ing, rather than bal­anc­ing effects. Although this prod­uct is designed to treat male pat­tern bald­ness, the stim­u­lat­ing effect can be help­ful in treat­ing other types of hair loss includ­ing female pat­tern bald­ness, thin­ning hair and trac­tion alope­cia in both men and women.

Are there any more prod­ucts avail­able in the range?

A caf­feine liq­uid is avail­able for use on a daily basis, and there is also an Alpecin caf­feine sham­poo with­out the dou­ble effect to bat­tle dan­druff. There is no con­di­tioner avail­able in the range but a dif­fer­ent hair loss con­di­tioner can safely be used with this prod­uct and there are sev­eral oth­ers on the mar­ket that also con­tain caffeine.

Sigma Skin Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo Review

Sigma Skin is a com­pany spe­cial­is­ing in hair and skin prod­ucts for men and the  Hair Growth sham­poo it pro­duces is decid­edly aimed at men who want to pre­vent or slow down bald­ness. That said, it is also suit­able for women to use, though its scent is def­i­nitely rather masculine.

The Sigma Skin sham­poo employs a range of nat­ural active ingre­di­ents and even the base ingre­di­ents are gen­tler on the hair than most com­mer­cial sham­poos. It con­tains none of the most com­mon deter­gents com­monly found in most shampoos.

The active ingre­di­ents include sebum inhibitors such as biotin to pro­tect the fol­li­cles from exces­sive sebum that can dam­age them and antiox­i­dants / anti­fun­gals such as apple polyphe­nol. It also con­tains retinol, which helps with the absorp­tion of minox­i­dil, the lead­ing anti hair loss com­pound (which is not an ingre­di­ent of this shampoo.

Sigma Skin claim that clin­i­cal stud­ies have shown apple polyphe­nol to be more effec­tive than minox­i­dil in treat­ing male pat­tern bald­ness, but as the tests were con­ducted on rel­a­tively small groups of men, fur­ther proof may be needed.

How­ever, when used in con­junc­tion with other hair loss treat­ments that con­tain minox­i­dil, the hair growth sham­poo can cer­tainly improve absorp­tion of the active ingre­di­ent and sig­nif­i­cantly con­tribute to the treatment.

How to use Sigma Skin Hair Growth Stim­u­lat­ing Shampoo

Mas­sage sham­poo into scalp and leave for one to two min­utes. Rinse and repeat, leav­ing for three to five min­utes. Use the sham­poo five times a week or more for best results. This prod­uct is rec­om­mended for use together with the other prod­ucts in the Sigma skin hair growth range for opti­mal results

Will this hair prod­uct work for me?

No hair loss prod­uct is guar­an­teed to work, as hair loss can be the result of many dif­fer­ent fac­tors. How­ever, this prod­uct has been shown to work on men in var­i­ous stages of bald­ness and can there­fore be suit­able for treat­ment of thin­ning hair, trac­tion alope­cia, and other hair loss con­di­tions as well. Note that the man­u­fac­turer rec­om­mends using this prod­uct as the first part of a three step sys­tem to stop hair loss.

Buy Sigma Skin Hair Growth Stim­u­lat­ing Sham­poo here

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The Pure Guild Hair Re-Growth Shampoo Review

Pure Guild is a com­pany that makes organic, nat­ural prod­ucts to treat var­i­ous so-called “embar­rass­ing” con­di­tions such as acne, dry hair, cel­lulite and hair loss.

The Pure Guild Hair Re-growth sham­poo is made with only nat­ural, organic active ingre­di­ents and the com­pany prides itself on extract­ing these ingre­di­ents using mechan­i­cal meth­ods only, with­out using any heat in the process.

Accord­ing to Pure Guild, this ensures the qual­i­ties of the ingre­di­ents are pre­served to the max, mak­ing their prod­ucts more effective.

Nat­ural ingre­di­ents dom­i­nate the Re-growth sham­poo and it con­tains no sodium lau­rel sul­phate, a com­mon ingre­di­ent in most com­mer­cial sham­poos, which is believed by some to be too strong a deter­gent, even­tu­ally caus­ing dam­age to the hair.

The Pure Guild hair re-growth sham­poo works on three lev­els. It bal­ances the hor­mones respon­si­ble for hair loss, reduc­ing their effects on the hair fol­li­cles, while simul­ta­ne­ously stim­u­lat­ing blood flow to the scalp and fol­li­cles and stim­u­lat­ing cell metab­o­lism – both needed for the hair fol­li­cles to pro­duce new hair shafts. The over­all effect is of thicker, denser hair, reduced hair loss and healthy, lus­trous hair.

The active ingre­di­ent in the Pure Guild sham­poo, Lupi­nus albus, is sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to help stim­u­late the fol­li­cles, bal­ance the hor­mones and pro­duce stronger, thicker hair.

A 12 week long study showed vis­i­ble results with a mea­sur­able and sig­nif­i­cant increase in the num­ber of hairs that were in the active grow­ing (ana­gen) phase. Hair was said to be nearly 12% denser after 86 days of use.

This sham­poo is suit­able for both men and women and can be used by peo­ple of any age to treat many kinds of hair loss includ­ing trac­tion alope­cia.

The fact that it stim­u­lates the cells as well as bal­ances hor­mones makes it a good all-round nat­ural hair loss solu­tion for peo­ple who want to avoid putting chem­i­cals on their hair and scalp.

How to use Pure Guild Hair Re-growth Shampoo

Mas­sage into hair and leave on for one minute before rins­ing. Repeat if desired (if the hair needs extra cleaning).

Will Pure Guild Hair Re-growth sham­poo work for me?

Pure Guild sham­poo has been shown effec­tive in clin­i­cal tri­als and can be used by both men and women. It is rec­om­mended for use along­side other hair prod­ucts from the same range, espe­cially if the hair thin­ning is severe.

In con­di­tions such as trac­tion alope­cia (hair loss caused by pulling and weight put on the hair over time, usu­ally as a result of cer­tain hair­styles), using the sham­poo on its own may be enough to give the hair a boost, assum­ing the under­ly­ing causes are removed.

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