Tricomin Solution Follicle Therapy Spray Review

This hair loss treat­ment prod­uct by Pro­Cyte is part of the pop­u­lar Tri­comin Tricomin solution follicle therapy sprayrange and is designed to strengthen and nour­ish hair fol­li­cles. The spray is for­mu­lated as a nat­ural treat­ment for men and women who suf­fer from thin­ning hair or var­i­ous types of hair loss.

Sim­i­larly to the other prod­ucts in the Tri­comin range, the solu­tion con­tains the patented Tri­comin Tri­amino Cop­per Nutri­tional Com­pound. This is a nat­u­rally derived com­pound with cop­per pep­tides, shown to pro­vide nour­ish­ment and sup­port hair growth. The solu­tion also con­tains var­i­ous other active ingre­di­ents that sup­port strong, healthy, man­age­able hair.

Active ingre­di­ents in the Tri­comin solu­tion and their effects

Like the Tri­comin Sham­poo and Tri­comin Restruc­tur­ing Con­di­tioner, the main active ingre­di­ent in this prod­uct is the tri­amino cop­per com­pound, which sets the Tri­comin range apart from the com­pe­ti­tion. Cop­per is nat­u­rally found in hair and research has shown that both body hair and the hair on the head need cop­per in order to grow in a healthy man­ner. When hair fol­li­cles enter their dor­mant phase, they are rel­a­tively devoid of the nutri­ents that are required for hair growth. Nour­ish­ing them with cop­per has been shown to stim­u­late them to pro­duce new hairs, in effect wak­ing them up from their dor­mant phase.

Cop­per has been shown to have a pos­i­tive effect on energy metab­o­lism, neu­tral­is­ing free rad­i­cals and bal­anc­ing the hor­mones respon­si­ble for cer­tain types of hair loss.

Apart from cop­per pep­tides, the Tri­comin solu­tion fol­li­cle ther­apy spray also con­tains other ingre­di­ents, such as pan­thenol, which give hair body and shine. When treat­ing thin­ning hair, this has the added bonus of mak­ing the hair itself appear thicker and with more vol­ume.

Will this hair loss prod­uct work for me?

This is a spe­cial­ist hair loss treat­ment prod­uct designed to symp­to­mati­cally treat var­i­ous kinds of hair thin­ning and hair loss con­di­tions by nour­ish­ing the hair fol­li­cles. It goes some way towards top­i­cally treat­ing the hor­monal imbal­ances that cause cer­tain types of hair loss (such as andro­genic alope­cia), although it mostly tar­gets the roots of the hair directly.

It can be a use­ful addi­tion to the treat­ment reg­i­men for those suf­fer­ing from stress, hormone-related hair loss con­di­tions and also trac­tion alopecia.

As this is the cen­tre­piece of the Tri­comin range of hair loss treat­ment prod­ucts, it’s a great choice for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from thin­ning hair, too. This leave-in treat­ment can be used in con­junc­tion with nat­ural or herbal sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers, but it is also per­fectly suit­able for use along­side pop­u­lar hair loss treat­ments that con­tain minox­i­dil, such as Regaine or Rogaine, etc. Fol­li­cles trau­ma­tised by the pulling and tug­ging which causes trac­tion alope­cia often remain in their dor­mant phase and stop pro­duc­ing hair. Treat­ing them with a prod­uct specif­i­cally for­mu­lated to nour­ish and stim­u­late them can, there­fore, be a highly effec­tive treatment.

How to use Tri­comin Solu­tion Fol­li­cle Ther­apy Spray

This prod­uct is designed for daily use and can be applied to either damp or dry hair. It can be used after sham­poo­ing or on its own. To use, spray hair lib­er­ally and mas­sage gen­tly into scalp. Do not rinse – this is a leave-in conditioner.

Tricomin shampoo review

Tri­comin sham­poo is a prod­uct suit­able for both men and women who are expe­ri­enc­ing hair thin­ning or hair loss. It’s also suit­able for fine, fly-away or dam­aged hair and can strengthen it and make it appear thicker.

Apart from being for­mu­lated to give the hair a fuller look, it also con­tains a blend of min­er­als and amino acids to stim­u­late and revi­talise the hair, encour­ag­ing growth.

The main hair stim­u­lat­ing ingre­di­ent is a “Tri-amino Cop­per Nutri­tional Com­plex” which is said to work on the fol­li­cles to reduce inflam­ma­tion and make them pro­duce hairs. Unlike many other hair loss prod­ucts, the ingre­di­ents used in Tri­comin are nat­ural and the sham­poo is for­mu­lated to stim­u­late nat­ural hair growth, rather than inhibit hair loss itself using chemicals.

The volu­mis­ing effect of Tri­comin sham­poo helps give the hair a fuller, thicker look rel­a­tively quickly, which is great for thin­ning hair which is often caused by trac­tion alopecia.

Because it tack­les a dif­fer­ent aspect of hair loss than many other types of prod­ucts (namely – it stim­u­lates the fol­li­cles to grow hair, rather than fights the cause of the loss of hair) it can be used in con­junc­tion with any other hair loss treatment.

Cop­per pep­tides, the main active ingre­di­ent in the sham­poo, do not inhibit or inter­fere with the active ingre­di­ents in other prod­ucts. In fact, they com­ple­ment them perfectly.

Many peo­ple choose to use it along­side prod­ucts like Regaine/Rogaine, etc. and have reported very good results. Tri­comin is, in fact, one of the best sell­ing hair loss sham­poos and is extremely pop­u­lar both with men and women under­go­ing a full hair loss treat­ment and those want­ing to try a gen­tle, nat­ural way to strengthen the hair and slow down or stop the thin­ning of their hair.

Although Tri­comin sham­poo is mar­keted by its man­u­fac­turer as a cos­metic prod­uct with­out any offi­cial claims of it being used for treat­ment of hair loss, the tri-amino com­plex has been shown in some clin­i­cal tri­als to aid with the growth of hair.

It’s been said to be effec­tive as part of an over­all hair loss treat­ment strat­egy and makes the hair look and feel fuller. This is why it is increas­ingly rec­om­mended as a treat­ment for trac­tion alope­cia which often results in thin­ning hair.

How to use Tri­comin Shampoo

Tri­comin sham­poo should be used daily and mas­saged into damp hair for 3–5 min­utes before rins­ing. You can use one or two appli­ca­tions per wash.

The Tri­comin series also includes a volu­mis­ing con­di­tioner and a fol­li­cle stim­u­lat­ing hair spray. Using all three is rec­om­mended by the man­u­fac­turer for achiev­ing the best results.

Will Tri­comin work for me?

Dif­fer­ent hair prod­ucts work for dif­fer­ent peo­ple, but Tri­comin has been tested and found to be an effec­tive sham­poo for reduc­ing the appear­ance of hair thin­ning in many peo­ple, both men and women.